Academic Solutions

Everyone has the right to basic education by the right way.

Our students need to prepare for the future and we must provide smarter educational solutions to support them. Everything can be changed in the educational process for the better, and we desire to be the leaders in that change.

Smart features gives you better learning.

Learning Management System

Question Bank: more than 3 million question for all levels in all fields.
Real-time exams/assignments monitoring.
Global Notification Center.
Virtual Classrooms.
Assessment Tools.
Learning Outcomes Map.
Discussion Rooms.

Teachers Management System

Teachers management system provides you full control to manage all teachers schedules, their attendance, and all details you want to know about teachers performance.

Financial System

We develop tools and features to manage the balance sheet for each student and process the transactions such as invoices, receipts, discounts, deposit requests, etc. with direct communication with the school's accounting department.

Survey Module

We ensure management can maximize feedback and evaluations of the school's facilities. Management can create and publish surveys to all students, teachers and all users and collect data and opinions to extract any insights needed.

Public Profiles

Every single user can have their own public profile that can be shared with anyone, even those who are not registered in Classera.


Make public announcements easily for any event you have for all members with full description of the event date, location and banner image.

Classera Talents Club

Outstanding students will be offered a free membership to Classera Talent Club which conducts activities, courses, and trips under the supervision of specialized teachers and advisers.

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Full automation of Kagan cooperative learning techniques with all the tools needed to link course objectives with the proper Kagan technique.

Students Information System

Manage all students' information.
Handle schedules and course enrollment...etc.
Manage all students' behavioral records.
Manage students' attendance.
Notify management and parents of students attendance and participation.
Generate multiple reports and charts of students data.

Electronic Certifications

Certificates no longer need to be printed, stamped or signed! Leave it to us. We ensure that every issued certificate is verified by a unique QR code and verification link so that anyone can get an instant feedback of the certificate validity.

Business Intelligence

Taking the right decisions at the right time is imperative. Our Business Intelligence Module provides with data analysis and information presentation tools to help managers and other end users make more informed decisions.


Everyone can create an e-portfolios that can easily be shared on other social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Custom Libraries

Share and browse training resources in any format. And make all users able to share knowledge and receive feedback easily.

Classera Ambassadors

Classera Ambassadors will be assigned to each classroom, level in every school. Ambassadors participate in different activities and help other students in their schools.

Alumni Club

Alumni Club provides the school with tools to communicate, arrange alumni programs and meetings, and follow up with their progress in their academic and professional lives.

Classera Inspire

Classera Inspire Program is an unprecedented idea in the educational scene that made the learning process more engaging, enthusiastic and fun. For the first time, students and teachers will interact with school activities not only for the school grades and recognition, but also to gain points that can be used outside the school.

How do they get these points? and how can they be of use?

Points will be rewarded to students and teachers whenever they interact with any content, participate in an activity or even answer a question. They will compete to earn more points and raise their rank and class among their peers. And by using their Classera Membership Card, top students and teachers can have major discounts from any of our Success Partners, which includes shops, entertainment venue, restaurants, etc.

Excellence Badges

Outstanding students will be rewarded with Excellence badges in each course based on their performance. Badge winners are announced to everyone to give students the recognition and the motivation to do more.

Educational Games

Cooperating with educational games developers, we introduced high-quality 3D educational games in various areas that will teach students full curriculums with an entirely different, and more engaging, environment than the traditional class environment.