The Industry Details

Unique Solutions

On the Cloud

We based our solutions on state of the art technologies in cloud computing to provide our users with the best level of service, adhering to international standards in safety, privacy, and confidentiality of information. We guarantee fast access from anywhere in the world with less effort.

Secure and Reliable

We are committed to providing a safe environment that ensures the preservation of all user data in the highest safety, privacy, and confidentiality standards. All our user transactions are encrypted using the latest security standards (SSL) and all their data are backed up regularly for ensuring data recovery.

International & Compatible

We are global and efficient, shown by how Classera has been deployed in one of the top 100 U.S. schools, our solutions are also customizable to fit other regions. We provide full support for Arabic language, mathematical symbols, Hijri date and other features needed for different locales.

The right solutions to the right changes with the right value.