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Ministries of Education

About Classera Initiative for Ministries of Education

Classera has previous experience working with ministries of education in different countries, with its teams for field support distributed in many regions. Furthermore, Classera has unique success stories working with ministries; the most recognized one is “Future Gate” implemented in KSA and variety of projects in other countries. Accordingly, we are glad to support any ministry currently facing country wide or partial school closure to provide fully virtual schools for all students in the country in an interactive, smart and digital way. We provided successful similar initiatives before like “One Nation” for students inhibiting Yemen boards which was considered the largest virtual school in the Middle East back in 2016. During those initiatives, we used to work with our global partners; namely Microsoft, HP, and other many local companies in each country.
In case you are officially representing any ministry, please fill the form below and one of our representatives will contact you at the earliest to take initiative to the next level towards its implementation.

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