E-Participation Policy

Public E-Participation Policy:

Classera Inc. welcomes all forms of E-participation including blogs, discussion boards, sharing online content and opinion and satisfaction surveys. As well as social media programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc. Classera seeks to involve their clients in decision making and goal sharing by providing easy and accessible means to express their diverse opinions and suggestions.

E-Participation Regulation:

Classera Inc. will take into consideration the comments and advice shared in their future decisions, discussions, and development plan with regards to the following:

  • Any misleading, racist, offensive or harmful comment that might put any member of the society at threat will be removed. As well as any comment seeking revenge, targeting a religious group, advertisement, harsh language or spreading false information will be removed and the commenter will be banned.
  • We will take the appropriate actions, including legal if needed, against any harmful content shared on social media in a direct or non-direct manner or through a third party towards any of Classera’s members.
  • The company claims ownership of all the content shared on social media or shared with a certain party. All the company’s content is protected by law and legal copyrights.
  • It’s extremely prohibited to change any information of the company without a written approval.
  • Any content that is shared by the company is considered public therefore if any of the content is reused or republished by individuals other than the company in any way whatsoever it is non-related to the company and the company claims no ownership towards the means it is used.
  • Completely prohibited to reuse any online content that the company claims its ownership and has copyrights ownership to a third party to use as their own.

Managing a Social Media Community:

Classera Inc. is only in charge of managing all published content online, therefore:

  • The company is not responsible for any comments or messages sent by other parties.
  • The rules and regulations enforced are aligned with the rules and regulations set by the country. Any violations are be prosecutable.
  • The rules and regulations are aligned with each media outlet individually.
  • The company can modify the rules without prior notice.
  • In the case of any comments or suggestions about the company’s rules and regulations
    Please contact us on this e-mail: [email protected].