Classera for smart learning announces strategic partnership with Britannica

Classera for smart learning announces strategic partnership with Britannica

Classera for smart learning has entered into a strategic partnership with Britannica. The collaboration will result in supporting the needs of every child and educator in the classroom and will help both parties to make learning fun and engaging.

Classera has always been committed to providing top educational services to students all around the globe by using the latest technologies in the world of e-learning.

With Classera’s academic solutions, there’s no limit to what students, teachers, and administrative staff can do. Browse through the learning management system, where a question bank of over 3 million questions awaits to inquire about all fields for all age levels. Get access to real-time exams and assignment monitoring, virtual classes and lessons, and discussion rooms. Students can collect points against their academic activities and enjoy rewards from a vast network of suppliers and vendors offered by C-Inspire. The AI-based Smartmate will help students overcome any academic challenges they face. Finally, with the student information system and teacher management system, schools can efficiently manage student and teacher information, records, attendance, and more, keeping data organized to retrieve what they need, faster.

“As we see the increasing adoption of eLearning in all markets we serve, we had the responsibility to offer our customers all they need to succeed in their digital transformation journey. With today’s announcement, Classera customers will benefit from the vast array of resources, Britannica Digital Learning provides to inspire students and teachers to discover, personalize and learn in a unique way. With the planned integration of the two platforms, the users will enjoy a seamless user experience that guarantees to leverage the full potential of the two.”  _ Mahmoud Elgabry (Strategic Partnerships Director)

On another side Britannica Digital Learning, for 250+ years, has collaborated with experts, scholars, educators, designers, and specialists to produce learning resources that are critical to providing a reliable, useful and enjoyable learning experience. The Britannica School resource is a safe, citable, online learning resource trusted by teachers and pupils. The information in Britannica School is aligned to the UK, US & IB Curricula, but thanks to daily content updates and the option of accessing a range of media, including video, images, and audio content, the resource is the perfect addition to the digital library of any school.

Curated and checked by professional editors, with the ability to browse by subject area across three differentiated learning levels, it is the must-have learning and teaching digital resource. The breadth of resources available means that whether a school has a diverse catchment, mixed-ability classes or encourages project-based learning, teachers can easily cater for different needs.”

“I am delighted that Britannica Digital Learning & Classera have partnered, as together both brands have the vision of supporting the needs of every child and educator in the classroom. Through accessing our digital library resources, we are confident that we can inspire curiosity and the joy of smart learning for students of all ages & abilities” – Luke Saunders (Senior Business Development Manager)


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